3 Study tips to study smarter

Here are some study tips that are based on science

1. Find a sacred place

You should designate a place exclusively for study. You should not be doing anything else at this place. The brain will be primed to be in study mode whenever you go to the place. This is akin to only doing relaxing things on bed as it is a place to sleep. Keep all the books and equipment handy so as to avoid any distraction.

2. Switch off the phone

The phone is the most distracting thing you can have alongside you when you study. From social media to text messages, you will be assailed with the frequent need to glance at your phone. IT is advisable to switch off your phone during the period when you study.

3. Study sessions at 30 minutes

Studying is most effective when done in short spurts. Give yourself a few sessions of 20-30 mins over a period of a few weeks. Our brain processes information more effectively when each sitting is less than an hour.