Is Tuition really necessary in Singapore?

A recent survey by straits times found that seven in ten parents send their kids for private tuition. Parents are flocking to tuition centers and agencies so as to give their child a competitive edge. They find competition in Singapore is really high as we have a knowledge-based economy. By sending their kids to tuition classes or having tuition teachers come to their house, parents are hoping their child will have an edge for their future career and development. In an ideal world, all students should be able to do well regardless of their background and circumstances but the world is hardly ideal.

When is tuition necessary?

  • Parent do not have time to oversee and supervise the child
    Ideally, parents should spend some time to make sure the child is able to keep up with the work in school and to guide him or her along. However, not all parents would have the time after work to do that. Also, some parents may not have the knowledge to help the child in the studies. If the parent is unable to coach the child or the child is not performing in school, it may be necessary to have tuition to prevent the child’s grade from slipping.
  • Students who require special attention
    Most if not all students do better when the student to teacher ratio is low. However, some schools may have a higher than normal student to teachers ratio. It is times like this that tuition will seem like a good idea. It can help to reinforce what has been learned at school.
  • Foreign students
    Foreign students are at a disadvantage once they start their education here. The language medium is in English, which most probably is not the mother tongue of foreign students here. Foreign students will need an edge if they were to succeed in their studies and tuition may be just the thing they need.