Why Us

Not Just Another Empty Promise of Quality

We meet our clients and tutors regularly for services including academic consultancy services, tuition matching, and tutor profiling.This is a strong indication of our commitment to your child’s education.

Not Just Another Empty Promise of Quality

Typical Tuition Agencies

  • Parents can only listen to the agency’s verbal description of the tutors. Every details will be arranged by the agency and messages are conveyed between the parents and tutors through the agency.

AStar Tuition

  • We will prepare tutors’ profiles to be sent to the parents so that it is easier for them to make their choices. We also allow the tutor to speak to the parent to ensure the expectations are met.
  • Try to allocate a tutor as fast as possible to close the deal.
  • Our tuition consultants will select potential candidates through careful screening to ensure the good match between the student and the tutor.
  • Once the initial lesson is fixed, the agency will only be interested in when the collection of commission will be.
  • Our tuition consultants will check back with the parents and collect feedback from them as to how well the tutor conducts the lesson. Should the tutor turn out to be unsatisfactory, a replacement tutor will be recommended with no questions asked.

To be an Astar Tutor, You must have at least have these qualities:

  • Minimum of 2 years of relevant experience
  • Good academic results
  • Proven to have shown impact on students
  • Good communication skills

AStar Tuition has helped many students in Singapore achieve better grades. Start looking for a tutor here >> or call us at 91828 667 now.

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